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Patient Testimonials

We feel fortunate to have received reflections from our patients about how Associates in Orthopedics in Punta Gorda has helped them. Here are some of our favorites:

Testimonials for Dr. Baker

Dr. S. Baker has been our "Michelangelo" since moving to Florida in 1997. He has taken care of my husband's torn meniscus, and replaced both of my knees with expert care and best of all, with compassion. His kindness and understanding and willingness to fully explain everything has allayed any and all fears we've had.” – Gratefully, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander

Dr. Baker is my HERO

Dr. Baker is my HERO. In 2008 I had a bad fall on my bicycle, breaking my collar bone in a very unusual place. I have read since that time that others with similar breaks have never recovered fully from the pain or do not have full mobility. I am so thankful that I met Dr. Baker. He took the time to study the problem and devise a plate that facilitated my healing. His encouragement and positive attitude was wonderful in such a stressful situation. I'm happy to say I am pain free and back riding my bike. I would recommend Dr. Baker to anyone.” - Nancy Andreae

“Dr Baker, Just a little note to thank you for the knee replacements you have done for me. I appreciate your thoughtful and caring attitude (also staff) and top of the line medical care. Frequently, my friends say to me "you have done so well, who did the surgery?" I'm pleased to tell them about you and the staff. These roses are for you and your wife. May god bless you as you continue to provide excellent medical care to your patients.” – M. Bradburn

“Dear Dr. Baker, I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to talk to me regarding my weight, thus knee issues. The pounds per square inch of pressure on my knees and resulting wear and tear explanation really resonated with me. I walked out of your office with the reality that it was only a matter of time until I would need "new knees"! (Heaven forbid that only happens to other people, not me!)

You recommended I read, Dr. Bob Arnot's Revolutionary Weight Control Program and provided me a copy of the book cover (good reinforcement). Although I had already started to attend Weight Watchers, though half-heartedly, the book really got me incredibly motivated! I also pulled a book off the shelf that I had started to read some time ago, The Culprit and The Cure, by Steven G. Aldana, and finished that one too!

The value of both of these books for me was taking the concept of healthy eating beyond what you should and should not eat, but rather what happens physiologically when you ingest various foods. In addition to that, it made me really think about why I eat certain foods and why I eat so much! The answer became pretty darned obvious, I was eating "fun" foods, food that tasted really good (all that sugary, fatty, processed stuff) and made me "feel" good. Problem is the feel good part didn't last very long, and the self-loathing would set in and the whole process repeated itself over and over again! I now eat very healthy foods, feel satisfied and no longer experience that need to satisfy the cravings that I had in the past. To top that I really feel good about myself!

“Having said that, I thank you for that moment in time when suddenly the light dawned, as you were certainly the catalyst for that occurance. I have lost 25 pounds so far (my knees thank me for that every day!) and I am attending a yoga class and doing aerobic exercise and weight training. I am looking forward to getting back to the physically active life that I used to lead and to be a participant in this life rather than a spectator!

In late September I will be hiking the trails in Evergreen, Colorado, and have you to thank for getting me to a place where I have the ability to do so.” – Gratefully yours, Susan Swanson

My first hip replacement was in 1994 and my other hip in 2002. They were so successfully done by Dr. Baker that I am still playing golf three times a week at the age of 92. Dr. Baker has given me back my life and I thank him so much.” – J. DeVries

“I think Dr. Baker is the best doctor in his field.

I had a hip replacement in 2008 by another doctor. I came out of surgery with my leg 2 inches shorter than when I went in. I was in a lot of pain, and having trouble walking and was falling. We were at our winter home when I fell and hurt myself really bad. I went to our family doctor, who said “your leg isn't right, and needs to be fixed”. He sent me to Dr. Baker, who took X-rays and said he could help me.

I had my hip replacement on February 6, 2012. Within 8 days I was off the walker and could go on a cane. I only had to have 2 1/2 weeks of physical therapy. At 5 weeks Dr. Baker released me to go back to my home in Ohio.

It felt so good to be able to walk without pain. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am. Dr. Baker gave me my life back. I now can take walks and enjoy life again. I'd recommend Dr. Baker to anyone.” – Carol Harris

"Dr. Baker, you have been wonderful with Nancy and her two hip replacements".

Nancy Clemm and her husband, Richard, hiking out West.

(Nancy Clemm and her husband, Richard, hiking out West.)

Osteoarthritis had resulted in deep and unrelenting pain in both knees when my family doctor sent me to see Dr. Steven Baker at Associates in Orthopedics.I was a bit nervous when I first met Dr. Baker, wondering how he would address this pain that had taken over my life. But, from that first appointment, he immediately put me at ease with his thoroughness as well as his concern for my welfare.

After his examination, he carefully described my options and his recommendations. It was decided that, since "I didn't have a good leg to stand on," he would replace both deteriorated knee joints at the same time. Although that choice might seem extreme, it was the right one for me and insured that my pain would be relieved with a single surgery. Throughout the entire procedure, before and after the operation, Dr. Baker was careful to explain just what he would do, how it would affect me and what the outcome would be. The knee replacement and following therapy were certainly challenging, but to my great relief, I no longer felt the deep, ever-present pain I had been suffering for so long.

In time, due to the progression of my osteoarthritis both of my shoulders underwent the same limitations of movement as well as the deep and unremitting pain. Naturally, I returned to Dr. Baker, now a trusted friend, who evaluated, and replaced each shoulder joint.

Although my osteoarthritis continues to be widespread, I'm happy to report that the joint replacements Dr. Baker made through the years have continued to function well and remain pain free. For me, the expertise, care and compassion shown to me by Dr. Baker and his entire staff have resulted in the improved quality of life I enjoy today.” – Sincerely, Joyce Schenk, Punta Gorda

“In 2006 I was suffering with severe pain in both my hips which greatly curtailed my daily activities, such as tennis and biking 15-20 miles daily. A friend suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Baker, a well-known orthopedic surgeon specializing in joint replacements. During my first visit, my questions were answered as he explained in detail the computer-assisted technology he was now using. X-rays clearly showed I had "bone on bone", which was the reason for my pain and difficulty walking. He strongly recommended hip replacement as my solution, and the first surgery was scheduled in September, 2006. This surgery was such a success that I was biking seventeen days after surgery! Dr. Baker grinned. With my relief of pain in this hip, I then realized the terrible condition of my other hip, which before I had called "my good hip". This surgery was scheduled for November. My wife forced me to wait seventeen days to bike again! I was a new man, with new hips!

In 2011, Dr. Baker again operated on me – this time to perform knee replacement surgery. Although this surgery had a longer recovery time, I have no pain or limp or any limitations now! As the time nears for my second knee replacement surgery, I know that Dr. Baker will be my surgeon. I thank God for the wisdom and knowledge He has bestowed on Dr. Baker, and I thank Dr. Baker for his skillful surgical techniques so that I am able to live my life without hip and knee pain.”

“Thank you for allowing me to share this.” – Bill Wilkens

“This letter is a testimony to the skill, intelligence, humor, and good nature of Dr. Steven S. Baker who replaced both my hips, one in 1995 and another in 2005.

Dr. Baker's talent is remarkable; a total hip replacement surgery frequently results in one leg being shorter than the other, leaving the patient with a chronic limp. This did not happen to me! Dr. Baker was able to calculate perfectly to insure that both legs were identical in length. I never limped.

I dance; I hike; and I walk. I split my time between Florida and New York City. In the city, I walk on broken pavement, cross streets with pot holes and navigate between crowds of visitors – all with ease and without pain. I am in my 70s and my hips and legs work just fine!” -Very truly yours, Myrna Charry

“After several years of not being able to do simple tasks without pain, I finally consulted Dr. Baker and his wonderful staff. Everyone in this office takes the time to listen to you and take into consideration your needs. Dr. Baker performed a hip replacement in January 2012 and within weeks I was walking pain-free for the first time in many years. Also kudos go to the Orthopedic Unit at Charlotte Regional and their "Joint Academy" - preparing me for further therapy and transition to normal activity. It was a true team effort. Thanks again, Dr. Baker and your great staff.” – Ellie Lyons, October 2012

Ellie Lyons

“Climbing to the top of Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico would not have been possible without the talents of Dr. Steven Baker.”

“I would like to send my thanks to Dr. Baker and his staff. I now have what feels like "new knees". Before my surgery, I was ready to give up walking because my knees hurt so bad. On September 17, 2012 I had double knee replacement surgery. Today I am walking, working and driving again. I feel like a new person. I would highly recommend Dr. Baker to all of my family and friends. Dr. Baker is a true artist in his field.”

“Thank you again.” - Mrs. Billie Mason

“My Name is Carol Malvano and I was and still am a patient of Associates in Orthopedics. My first experience was with Dr. Steven Baker, who performed surgery on me for a knee replacement in 2010 at Charlotte Regional Medical Center. The unit at the center was the newly formed Joint Academy. The surgery by Dr. Baker and the service by the staff at the Academy was exceptional.”

“I was so pleased with the experience and with the advice of Dr. Baker, I had a total hip replacement in 2012 at the Joint Academy with the same great satisfaction.” – Carol Malvano

“Many thanks to Dr. Baker and staff. I had been fighting hip pain for 3 years and could hardly make it back to the car after a trip to Walmart. I was unable to play golf, ride my bike, or walk for any distance. It had gotten to the point that I was unable to sleep at night from the pain. I saw Dr. Baker in late November of 2012 and had total hip replacement on December 4th. My recovery was amazing. By New Year's Day I was taking walks every day and by mid-January could walk a quarter of a mile. In March we were at an event at the Elk’s Lodge in Punta Gorda and I danced for 2 hours! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!. If ever I need another joint replacement, you’re my man!” – Donna Snider

“To anyone in need of "hip" care or surgery, let me recommend Dr. Baker. When I moved to Charlotte County four years ago with a good deal of hip discomfort, I made inquiries of some new friends as to who to contact for proper care. The only name that came back was Dr. Baker (three times). My hip replacement has returned me to being an active person.”

“Many thanks to Dr. Baker and his team.” – Bob Lortie

“I have two words to say about Dr. Baker and the surgeries he performed on me, excellent and great!” – Francis Frey

“When I came to see Dr. Baker for my left knee I couldn't even walk from my house to my mailbox. Dr. Baker performed a total knee replacement. After my surgery I did so well I didn't even need pain medication. My physical therapist was amazed at how well I was doing. I had a great response. I have no problem walking at all any longer. Dr. Baker saved my leg!” - Josephine Bauer

My name is Leonard Ney and I welcome the opportunity to publicly thank Dr. Baker and his staff for my successful knee replacement surgery and subsequent therapy. My left knee had been hurting for some time and I'd been putting off dealing with the problem. Other procedures had been tried such as cortisone injections, scoping and Supartz injections. None of these had any effect. A total knee replacement would be the only lasting solution.

Last October in 2013, the surgery took place. To my surprise I was on my feet and walking with the aid of a wheelchair the next day. This was followed by three weeks of therapy, the end of which I was walking with a walker and then with a cane. I couldn't believe the quick recovery time.

Today, I am back to many of my old activities, such as daily walking and exercise that before surgery was so painful. I attribute my speedy recovery to Dr. Baker's experience and advanced techniques. I received the best and most professional care from the entire staff. Thank you all.”

“Dr. Baker said, "If you skied before your hip replacement, you can ski afterward!’” – Leonard Ney

Leonard Ney. February 2014 back on the slopes!

February 2014 back on the slopes!

“Thanks Dr. Baker, Bill, nurses and office staff at Associates in Orthopedics, Punta Gorda, FL.” – Joyce Demitt

“P.S. I'm at an age where I ski FREE at many ski areas!”

Testimonials for Dr. Hansell

Ruth Schmid

“Last year Dr. Hansell gave me a new lease on life. I broke my ankle about 18 years ago and had two metal plates and many screws installed. The metal plates were removed about 10 years ago and I was still able to get around. Then, arthritis started to set in which was causing me a lot of pain. I received several cortisone injections that helped for a while, but the last two years, my foot started to turn sideways. I could barely walk.

I came to Florida to visit my sister and she told me about Associates in Orthopedics, so I went and saw Dr. Hansell. He recommended a complete ankle replacement. I had the surgery in March of 2012. I was told by Dr. Hansell it would take about 3 months to be able to get around comfortably. It is now March 2013 and I am completely pain-free. I can actually go for walks and dance which I always loved to do. This is all due to the wonderful skills of Dr. Robert Hansell.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Ruth Schmid, Spring Grove, Illinois

Carol Malvano

“I returned to Dr. Baker for advice due to my back pain. Dr. Baker referred me to his partner, Dr. Hansell, who in their practice is the "Back Specialist". Dr. Hansell performed a laminectomy at the newly opened Spine Academy at Charlotte Regional Medical Center. Dr. Hansell and the staff at the Spine Academy removed any apprehensions I may have had about back surgery and being the second patient on the unit. I am still in the recovery stage, but highly recommend both the Joint and Spine Academies to any and all persons who are contemplating any of the above surgeries.” Carol Malvano

Gert Mercier

“Dr. Hansell and Staff, Thank you is hardly sufficient for the patience you demonstrated while trying to alleviate my hip discomfort.

Over several months the hip pain gradually became more debilitating. You attempted several procedures to correct the problem. After exhausting all the possibilities, you performed a hip replacement. I experienced instant relief from the nagging pain. The surgery was followed by several weeks of physical therapy. Thanks to your very capable physical therapy crew, I am now ambulating comfortably. The horrible pain is gone.

Your office staff and Physical Therapists reflect you. They are kind, professional, friendly, pleasant and accommodating.”

“Thank you Dr. Hansell, you are the best.” – Gert Mercier

“I have been a patient of Dr. Robert Hansell's since the early 90's. In that time he has performed multiple surgeries on me including back surgery, rotator cuff, ankle and knee replacements. He is a very compassionate doctor, always willing to listen and will always check on a patient after surgery. Dr. Hansell is also a good Christian man. He has a great staff also. Love you Dr. Hansell. Thank you.” – Erwinna Hooker

“I first had the opportunity to meet Dr. Hansell in April of 2011. I was admitted to Fawcett Memorial Hospital due to excruciating pain in my lower back and legs, which caused me not to be able to walk, stand or sit.

Dr. Hansell was highly recommended to me by my primary care physician. Upon meeting Dr. Hansell, I knew right away that he was a very caring individual and I had great trust in him as my surgeon. After having an MRI, Dr. Hansell located my severe back problem and felt he could give me relief with surgery. After explaining the procedure to my husband and I, surgery was performed and with much rehab my level of pain was greatly decreased and I am now back on my feet.

I have a very severe scoliosis and surgery could not be done due to my age. Dr. Hansell prescribed a scoliosis brace which gives me tremendous support and I have had no further change in the curvature since. I have been discharged from Dr. Hansell's care and I am so grateful for the quality of life that he has given back to me.”

“Thank you Dr. Hansell and your wonderful and very professional staff.” – Madeline Yiengst

Testimonials for Dr. Schroering

“Dr. Schroering, I know for a fact that God works through you. You are an amazing, talented, and caring Doctor. Right from the start you always made me feel safe. You never took away my dignity concerning my life's situation. With your generosity and the time that you gave to me, I am now able to live a good life. I have also learned the importance of helping those who just need a helping hand. Thank you again for just being in my life. It is better because of you.” – Doretta Rockwell

“Dr. Shroering, I just wanted to thank you for all your time and patience you had with me and my knee. Not only have you helped me, but also my kids and family. There is only a handful of people who have had a positive effect in my life, 2 teachers and 2 doctors, and you are one of them, Dr. Schroering. So whatever happens between now and then, I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I'm so glad to have had you as my surgeon that day and your help afterwards. You and your family will always be in my prayers. It was an honor knowing you and hopefully we will cross paths again.” – Sam M.

“Dr. Schroering, You may recall my being a patient of yours in July of this year, for pain in the lower left back. A series of X-rays and CT scans indicated to you that there was a serious problem with my left kidney. You contacted by G.P. (Dr. Joseph Ravid) who then referred me to southwest Florida Urologic Associates (Dr. Eric E. Coronato).

Dr. Coronato, diagnosed that I had a massive tumor growing on my left kidney. I was then scheduled for surgery at Fawcett Memorial Hospital on August 26th by Dr. Coronato. My kidney and tumor were removed and a biopsy performed. The biopsy showed that the tumor was malignant and growing into my vein. Dr. Coronato also said that the tumor was growing for at least 2 to 3 years.

After being released from Fawcett Memorial and then two weeks at Life Care Center of Punta Gorda, I was referred to (Dr. Ivor John Percent) of Florida Cancer Specialists. Initially my prognosis was not good, but a subsequent PET Scan was unable to detect any cancer at this time. I will be going back in December for a follow-up CT Scan.

To sum everything up, if it wasn't for you going the extra mile to carefully read my X-rays and CT scans, I would still never know about the tumor. You may very well have saved my life. For this, I will be eternally grateful to you.” – John J. Boyle

“Dr. Schroering, We wanted to take the opportunity to express our appreciation for the loving care you provided for our mother, Agnes McGuire. We know that God has worked through you to carry out His plan. We pray that even through her adversity, something good has come of it all. It is very apparent that you are dedicated to serve others in need. Your soft words were very comforting to both mom and our family. (We could feel your sincere disappointment in the end results of surgery on her knee).

Mom is recovering at home surrounded by loving family, dogs, flowers and sunshine. Yesterday, she was strong enough to transfer from her lift chair to her wheelchair. Now we need to work on transferring her to my convertible. Then, we will ride around "topless" and let the wind blow through her hair.

We do not know how long God will bless us with her presence here on earth, but we are/will cherish every day that we are given.”

“Thank you again for your loving care, with sincere gratitude.” – Marcia Moss, Cindy Hollon, and John A Moss, MD

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