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Regenerative Medicine

In the past, patients who didn’t respond to conservative treatments such as prescription pain medications, physical therapy, or joint injections had only one option left – surgery. While our orthopedic surgeons utilize minimally invasive procedures when necessary, regenerative medicine has allowed us to delay or even eliminate the need for surgery in many patients.

While still in the early stages for orthopedic conditions, regenerative medicine has helped many of our patients live a much higher quality of life. Regenerative techniques utilize your body’s own healing mechanisms, such as platelets and stem cells, to regenerate damaged tissues.

Our regenerative medicine doctors use PRP therapy and other cutting-edge techniques to treat athletes, injured workers, auto accident victims, and many others suffering from conditions such as:

Our regenerative medicine specialists use the following treatments to reduce pain and restore function by healing your body from the inside out:

You already have the power to heal your body inside you, and we’ve got the treatments you need to do so. For more information on regenerative medicine in Punta Gorda, Florida, call (941) 637-BONE (2663) or request an appointment online.

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